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Ferrari 412

A stunning Ferrari 412 (Tipo F 101 EL) with rare manual gearbox






42,262 kilometers

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History File

The Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2, 400 GT, 400i and 412 (Tipo F101) are front-engine V12 2+2 grand tourers made by Italian manufacturer Ferrari between 1972 and 1989. The four models are closely related, using the same body, chassis and engine evolved over time. This rare manual transmission example highlights the improvements made to the series as it came to the end of production. The 4 models ran for 17 years, bringing to an end Ferrari’s longest-ever production series. Just 576 of the final 412 models were produced with our lovely example being 1 of only 270 (GT manual gearbox) cars ever built. This particular example, chassis:ZFFYD25S0000 63595 was originally supplied through the Swiss distributor at the time, S.A.V.A.F. of Geneva. SAVAF stands for Société Anonyme pour la Vente des Automobiles Ferrari. It was one of the first Swiss 412s produced, probably in March or April 1986. It would stay with its singe Swiss owner before being purchased at auction by a prominent German collector in 2003. All European Taxes and Duties have of course been paid enabling any potential new owner to register anywhere in the European Community, so it is, essentially, still a one owner registered car. For almost twenty years it has been beautifully maintained with detailed notes taken of the kilometers driven since it arrived in Germany. A flavour of its keen ownership is listed below in the vehicle engine description.


The design followed Fioravanti’s Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona as the second Ferrari to feature the characteristic swage line dividing the body into upper and lower halves. Distinctive colour coded bumpers and new deeper front spoiler, and a new rear black valance with incorporated rear fog lamps and exhaust pipes, confirm the cars latter model heritage. The discrete metallic Grigio FER 700/C paint presents well and has been repainted at some stage, just to freshen things up. A keen eye will spot some over polishing on the driver’s front wing on the top edge of the wing which has removed a tiny bit of paint. But it is hard to spot. Overall, it’s an imposing looking car that attracts attention where ever it goes, mainly because of its size and requires deft manoeuvring. Ferrari’s original Body Number 1523 is easily visible on the cars bonnet underside and below the spare wheel.


The Pininfarina cockpit has an aircraft environment feel about it with its wide centre-console, dual driver & passenger controls and electric lights in the headlining, all adding to the almost flying experience. Electric seats with 3-way adjusters were introduced as standard equipment on the 412 making the whole “driving” experience a comfortable pleasure. The sumptuous black leather has been well treated and bares no scars. On this rare manual version, aficionados will note Ferrari’s side step away from their traditional gate-dog-leg 1st gear configuration. Just below the gear leaver is an after-market fitted VDO 200 T immobiliser plug/light with an additional battery master switch cleverly fitted in the glove box. The factory fitted Blaupunkt (New York) SQR 05 Radio Cassette, with separate dashboard electric antenna are both functioning fine, as is the three way air conditioning which has recently been serviced. All in all, it’s an incredible interior environment that should be experienced to be believed; it’s comfortable, luxurious and oozing quality.

Engine & Transmission

The Ferrari F101 E 010 – Powertrain is their famous front-engine V12-Motor with a 4.9 Litre (4943 cm³) offering 250 kW (340 PS). The E 010 refers to the manual gearbox version with the Auto version being E 070. This is just one of 270 examples ever produced, and with only 42,262 kilometer’s travelled, it makes it an extremely desirable example. Bosch ABS (a first for Ferrari) was offered as standard equipment combined again with Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection and electronic ignition. In recent times both cylinder heads have been removed, cleaned and checked for cracks with new gaskets fitted accordingly. All valves have been adjusted with new shaft seals, along with timing adjusted too. New spark plugs, new cooling system water, engine oil and filters have also been replaced. A new air conditioning compressor and an overhaul of the starter motor are also nice amendments. In the last couple of months both petrol pumps and pressure switches have been replaced too. To keep all of this in check, a new battery has been fitted. With the assistance of the in France, they have confirmed that Engine number: 000150 does match our shown chassis number.

Wheels, Tyres & Brakes

The factory Flat-Faced aluminium alloys are all perfect and are covered in 240/55 VR 415 Michelin tyres. The car pulls up well and straight.

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