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Jaguar MK1 2.4

A now seemingly rare Jaguar MK1 2.4 with exquisite French history






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History File

Our 1959 MK1 Jaguar is confirmed by Heritage Trust as a matching numbers car with chassis number: S 943 646; engine number BE 2195 8. Originally delivered in Paris and distributed by the famous British Motors – Wright – Monte Carlo, the rear screen still retains the original dealership sticker. A wonderful chronological history starting from June 1960 details an initial service carried out at 10,637 kilometres, right up to October 1977 showing an oil change at 121,382 kilometers. No less than 40 separate entries detail work carried out over the cars initial 17 years makes fascinating French reading. Still retaining its French registration, the car finds its way to Germany to be part of a private collection during the 1990’s where a partial bottom half restoration takes place. The car is then pursued by the last German owner and finally purchased in 2009 (but never registered there) before embarking on the most incredible restoration which has to be seen to be believed. Taking extreme care to retain original features where possible, the vast majority of work is undertaken underneath the car to the most exacting standards which, quite honestly, the pictures really don’t do the car justice. A confessed classic car restorer junky rather than driver, his work is not to be underestimated, and considering it’s essentially been done privately as a hobby, frankly, the finish is quite astonishing. Following the lengthy restoration, the car is now once again ready to be driven and enjoyed. A mere 6000 kilometres have turned since that last French entry of 1977, so we are now seeking a new custodian who will hopefully drive this amazing find and enjoy it as it should.


Finished in Cornish Grey and, as alluded to in the cars history section, a bottom half respray has taken place at some stage in the 1990s. However, it’s clearly been expertly done and purely for cosmetic purposes, with great care taken to match the top half which is still the original paint. All chrome and bright work are also original and in astonishing condition, commensurate with the overall look of the car and really should not be changed. Indicative to French cars of the period, the driver’s wing mirror is oddly situated just in front of the A-post and does take some time to get used to. Equally, the additional yellow front lights and rear number plate light confirm the cars French origins.


Aficionados will notice the split front seats in conjunction with manual gearbox cars as opposed to the automatic cars with a full bank. The red leather is quite lovely and considering the car is now 60 years old, the level of patina is at the correct level and has clearly been well treated. Pleasing original red carpets again, confirm the cars authentic status and have lasted the test of time being of great quality for the period. Notably, the cars glass is still original and is completely scratch-free with the most effortless window winding movement. The wood is absolutely sumptuous and completely in-keeping with the rest of the car, aging beautifully and fittingly original. Even the carpet-like headlining has stood the test of time with consummate ease.

Engine & Transmission

Mechanically, the car has been completely disassembled and not enough credit can be offered to the previous owner’s work which, although privately done, is quite remarkable. The list is endless, but obviously all the main events have been covered: new timing chain and tensioners; valves reground; head re-planed with a new modern composite gasket; both axels completely resealed; new clutch and fly wheel combined with a differential recalculation allowing a much better driving experience to the non-overdrive original Moss gearbox. Practical touches include a new aluminium sump along with a petrol pressure reducer. And so much more! But just a glance at the pictures provided of the underside of the car will indicate the level of work undertaken. Most impressive; with every nut, bolt and screw renewed.

This is where the car is a cut above the rest; adeptly mechanically restored to the highest order.

Wheels, Tyres & Brakes

In keeping with attention to detail, a complete new braking system has been applied to all 4 disc brake corners and performs appropriately for a car of this period. The new black wire wheels certainly add another dimension to the overall appearance of this extraordinary car and are obviously fitted with new Michelin Radial 185 HR/15 tyres. But, as an added bonus, the car still retains its original factory delivered chrome wires and whitewalls.  Clearly, these are no longer suitable for modern day driving, but it all adds to the authenticity of this great car.

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