Fastidiously maintained over the last 30 years - Jaguar MK II 3.4 automatic.

Price: €29,995
  • Year: 1963
  • Mileage : 52204 kilometers

Fastidiously maintained over the last 30 years - Jaguar MK II 3.4 automatic.

HISTORY FILE – Cars with such comprehensive history are becoming rare, so to find one with no less than 4 files of documentation collected over a period of 30 years, is a classic cars fan delight. We are offering a meticulously maintained MK II 3.4 automatic example, previously owned by a meticulous man who is a credit to the vehicle which has literally wanted for nothing. Purchased in July 1986 from Jaguar specialist in Donau, Germany, chassis number: 164391BW had received a comprehensive restoration during 1984 and 1985 prior to the sale. Although RHD, the car has been in Germany since 1980, with the previous owner changing the tacho to kilometers at some stage for ease of continental driving. Offers are invited for this true Jaguar enthusiast owned example and must be seen to appreciate the love that’s gone into the car for over three decades.

EXTERIOR – Viewing is always recommended but, if there is any area which is potentially seeking slight attention to keep this beautiful example up to date in comparison to the rest of the car, then it’s the paint work. Still a stunning example, but closer inspection does now show a few spot bubbling areas but, absolutely nothing major. The leather strap bonnet holders are there purely as an additional safety precaution but do not look out of place.

INTERIOR – Potentially the highlight of the car, the oxblood red leather interior, including all 4 doors and wood elements must be seen to be believed. Quality work indeed makes this a great place to be with tight dark grey headlining completing the expert work. During the restoration additional sound proofing was of course fitted before carpeting. All switches and dials are clear and function as they should including the period style radio and front loud speaker.

ENGINE & TRANSMISSION – The engine and gearbox have been mechanically maintained to within an inch of their lives. Religiously serviced with literally no expense spared by a meticulous owner and indeed man! Subject to a comprehensive rebuild in 1989 following a fire, the photographic and written documented rebuild is as detailed as it gets. Just a brief look at the provided pictures shows the detailed work carried out with literally everything replaced and maintained to a high standard since.

WHEELS, TYRES & BRAKES – On-going restoration shows the car with gleaming chrome wire wheels fitted in 2015 with recently fitted new - 185 HR15 XVSP - no compromise Michelin Radial tyres. As with all the cars mechanical elements, the brakes are in fine working order.


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