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Jaguar XJ12

Jaguar XJ12 Series 2 5.3 Litre Coupe LHD






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History File

Our Jaguar XJ12 Series 2 5.3 Litre Coupe LHD example was built on the 16th October 1975 and dispatched the following year on the 3rd of March 1976 to the well-known British Leyland German distributor, Brüggemann, who were based in Düsseldorf, Germany. A wonderful Passport to Service contains no less than 14 stamps, all from the same supplying Jaguar BLMC – Vertragshändler (official BLMC Jaguar dealer) who delivered the car on the 2nd September 1976 to Herr Dr (med) Johannes Becker from Braunschweig. The first owner maintained the car beautifully with an immaculate service history with the final stamp entered on the 22nd February 1988 at 97,140 kilometers. *It is noted in the records that on the 24th March 1977, at 9900 kilometers, the car received a new Tachometer showing 063 km’s with the work carried out by the same supplying dealership, therefore, the total kilometers are almost 10k more that indicated.* The car would then change hands some three times between April 1989 and June 1996 with the 4th owner retaining the car for an impressive 22 years before embarking on a sympathetic restoration in 2017/2018, culminating in a comprehensive 22 page Valuation Report (Gutachten) from February 2018 which values the car at €45.000 and Condition 2 (Zustand 2). The 5th owner purchased the car in April 2018 and has mechanically maintained the car superbly well, including a complete air conditioning overhaul and almost €10.000 invested to ensure a smooth running V12 example. Both sets of keys are present along with the cars original book-pack and all-important Passport to Service. These cars are quite a rare sight, these days, and this one even rarer as a German specification car.


The Jaguar Heritage Trust Certificate confirms that or XJ12 left the factory in March 1976 in Regency Red with a black vinyl roof. Following the restoration in 2017, the car was freshly painted and, close inspection will identify that it is actually a slightly different shade to the original factory colour. The roof itself is in lovely condition but, at the top of A Posts, the vinyl edges are now starting to fray (depicted) which is the usual reaction to a respray when the roof has not been removed. Both front and rear chrome bumpers are in fine order, as are all 4 over-riders. In the same vein, the chrome trim door-strips and door mirrors are all good, but the front grill has now started to show signs of age with the usual common surface pitting and there is now some paint fading at the rear right wheel arch. The side and rear windows are all original CIRCURSIV glass, but a new windscreen has been fitted at some stage. The 22 page comprehensive Valuation Report from February 2018, confirms that the car received 2 new sills along with two new front wings during the restoration. In preparation to the restoration, the car received a thorough dry ice under body cleaning and sealing. All in all, it’s a good example with great potential too as it becomes increasingly difficult to find these cars; the market will confirm that there are very few Coupes currently for sale.


Although classed as a Coupe, there is almost enough room in these cars to be classed as a two door saloon. The interior is dominated by the relatively new Biscuit leather upholstered seats and door-cards which were completed during the cars restoration in 2017. New brown carpets were also fitted throughout and, of course, the infamous, poorly factory fitted headlining was renewed at the same time. This was also adjusted and repaired again in July 2020. Interestingly, the driver’s seat was refitted in April 2019 specifically for the 5th owner who demanded a somewhat longer leg room. As usual, the standard black sun-visors are requiring filling, just like all other Jaguars from the period! The map light requires replacing and the glove-box vanity mirror is perfect and the clock is working fine. A new Retro-Sound radio was fitted by the last owner in 2019. A great deal of money and time has been spent on the air condition system which was completely overhauled and converted to R134A in July 2020. All 4 electric windows are operating well, although, the central locking console button does not appear to be working. Moving to the boot area, which is petrol odor free, the carpet is in fine order with both side panels having received new replacement material. Unusually, the original Jack and Tools are still with the car including the Jaguar emblem tyre pressure gauge.

Engine & Transmission

The 5.3 Litre V12 matching numbers engine, offers one of the best Jaguar service histories we’ve ever seen at Cathedral Classics. The Leyland Passport to Service has no less than 14 official Jaguar service stamps, all from the same supplying dealer at M. Gottschling & Sohn KG in Braunschweig in Germany. Well maintained ever since, and in particular by the cars fourth and last owners, it has been treated to a number of improvements during the cars restoration in 2017, and indeed beyond: gearbox overhauled; differential exchanged; timing chain renewed and valves reset; both fuel tanks replaced; rear axle completely overhauled, cleaned and painted. We would offer that under the bonnet offers more of an authentic picture than a restored one, but it is a superb running car that starts effortlessly and glides along with appropriate responsive V12 power. The in-operative alarm wiring loom will be removed upon request.

Wheels, Tyres & Brakes

The 4 chrome pressed wheels, are perhaps now showing slight signs of age with some very light surface rust spotting and may need closer attention at a later stage. It’s also possible that they may have been changed at some point as the spare wheel is a Kent model which is more associated with the V12 cars. The Vredestein 205/70 VR 15 96W tyres are fairly new and offer nice stability at all speeds with zero steering wheel vibration. New brake pads were fitted in February 2022 at 134,271 km’s.

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