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Lamm Mini Cabrio

An extremely cute, low mileage Lamm Mini Cabrio – Last owner 26 years






59,026 kilometers

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History File

Our rare Lamm Mini cabrio was built in 1991 and belongs to the additional batch of cars following the first 100 built specifically for Rover, all in Pearlescent Cherry Red with 1.3 engines. Distributed by Rover Deutschland, this 1.0 Litre example in Flame Red shows an initial registration to a lady who would enjoy this sweet little number from 1991 until 1993. The second lady owner would treasure the experience for an impressive 26 years until 2019, covering in total just over 59,000 kilometers. The Lamm – Rover story is fairly well documented from the German side but, it must be mentioned, not particularly well chronicled from a Rover stand point. With circa 175 total Lamm units built over a three year period from 1991 – 1993, Rover would continue the Mini cabrio journey in this guise until 1996 with their own version. The cars would differ in several areas but, for those with a worthy opinion, not all of the changes were for the better. The German built car would essentially offer Rover UK a platform to spring from that quite possibly would never have existed, if not for the now famous Herr Lamm. Equally, if not for clear internal mismanagement decisions in Germany, it might well have been a different outcome there too.


Our 1991 example is finished in a vibrant Flame Red and, as mentioned, belongs to the additional batch following the Rover ordered pearlescent Cherry Red cars. The paint is fresh following a full respray at some stage in the early 2000’s and the 8 piece spoiler (Rover had a 12 piece spoiler) kit is in super condition. The erected mohair roof has received additional side studs which have improved wind noise and stability dramatically. Of course, once down the car comes to life and is infamously a better configuration than the factory car which offered almost no view at all from the rear view mirror.


Nicely contrasted in light grey and wood, the seats and door coverings have an almost felt carpet feel to them and are in lovely condition, befitting the cars overall low mileage. The wooden dash, infamously disputed by Rover in an attempt to deliver it themselves, but stopped by Lamm, is in perfect condition. It must also be mentioned that the overall quality of the interior is surprisingly high for the period. The car is also offered with a red interior dust cover pictured above.

Engine & Transmission

The robust BMC A-Series block with 998 cc has been dealer serviced up to 30,000 kilometers and locally serviced thereafter. A recent oil change and strict German TÜV test cleared the car with zero comments and a clean bill of health.

Wheels, Tyres & Brakes

The 13” Revolution (5-star) alloys have slight curb marks on both front wheels and are covered in almost new 175/50 R13 Fulda Assuro tyres. The 13” wheel makes a huge improvement over the 12” wheel used later on the factory Rover car. Brakes are absolutely fine having recently passed the strict German TÜV test.

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