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Mercedes-Benz R107 350SL

A growling V8 Mercedes-Benz (R107) 350 SL with manual gearbox






171,574 kilometers

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History File

The Mercedes-Benz data card confirms that this is an original European specification (French) car and not a US re-imported example. French invoices are available in the cars history file going back to 1993 with two registered owners from that period. The car is then imported to Germany in 2013 with 3 German registered owners, to date. Most of the history is documented by the initial German owner who would complete a full suspension overhaul in 2014 costing over €7000 and indeed continue improving the vehicle over his 3 year tenure. Just one invoice in the file exists from the second German owner along with his sales contract to the third owner. Interestingly, the third owner would continue to use the same garage as the previous owners had used which is no bad thing, allowing the car to be improved by the same hands. Their final in-put would be a complete brake overhaul in 2018.


The Mercedes-Benz Data Card confirms that the car left the factory in Papyrus white (code 717) which is actually more of an ice blue colour. In June 2015, a fresh coat of paint is added by the first German owner using a Fiat (code 595 L) Ice blue metallic which is very similar to the original shade. It’s a striking colour and receives compliments where ever it goes, but there is a small area beneath the rear bumper that could now need attention – or not. The matching blue soft top would appear to be the original and has received a small repair at the back of the driver’s side at some stage but, is completely tight and still water proof. With the original factory hardtop in place it’s often argued that these R107’s look even better than with the roof down. We would not disagree at Cathedral Classics. All in all, this is not a perfect car by any stretch of the imagination but, it’s clearly been very well maintained and is an absolute bargain in this particular classic car category. Improvements could be made over time – or just enjoy it for what it is.


Considering that the interior is almost 50 years old, it’s easy to see just how much quality was used in terms of materials when the R107 was launched. Now with 170k km’s behind it, it’s held up remarkably well with only the addition of a new carpet set back in 2013. The robust black leather has stood the test of time well with just one small repair evident on the passenger side. This early built car also includes a rear seat bench which would be later replaced as a parcel shelf as the R107 model would evolve. The car still has its original (sought after) Becker Europa Radio/Cassette with an electric antenna which is a later addition.

Engine & Transmission

The amount of torque available on this growling 3499cc V8 is ridiculous. On test driving, we drove through an almost 90 degree bend in fourth gear at just under 40 km/h and it pulled away – with ease – and a smile. The factory data card confirms the original 4 speed manual gearbox number as number 5795 which does take a little getting used to with its long throw range but, once at ease, its efficiency is all apparent. It adds a completely different dynamic to the usual R107 automatic driving and for those who are looking for something different, then look no further. In May 2020 the last owner invested almost €2000 in an efficient electronic ignition making further improvements. Make no mistake, this is a fun car to drive.

Wheels, Tyres & Brakes

Fuchs alloys are covered in almost new, high quality Continental Premium 205/65 R15 Tyres. A comprehensive €2000 brake overhaul was completed in June 2018 with just 1700 kilometers covered since.

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