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Mercedes-Benz W128 220SE

A luxurious Mercedes-Benz W128 220SE Ponton Cabriolet






(1)12,373 miles

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Introduced in 1958, the W128 represented the epitome of luxury and performance within the Ponton range by Mercedes-Benz. This 1960 model, crafted at the prestigious Mercedes-Benz Sindelfingen factory in West Germany, boasts the potent 220SE variant, embodying the golden age of luxurious automobiles. Cherished by a single German owner as a near-daily driver since 1988, this rare specimen, one of just 1,112 units produced, has traversed a modest (1)23,373 miles. Partially restored in 2013 and 2014 with a focus on regular use and meticulous upkeep rather than excessive refurbishment, this 1960 Mercedes-Benz W128 220SE Cabriolet presents an unparalleled opportunity for enthusiasts. Adorned in an opulent color scheme and exhibiting a strong Condition 3 overall finishing, it stands as a remarkable and functional testament to mid-20th-century luxury. Following 30 years in the United States with another 30+ in its native Germany, this bona fide collector’s gem, is guaranteed to captivate admirers of all ages.


Adhering to Fritz Nallinger’s iconic ‘Ponton’ design, this classic beauty showcases a flawless black fabric soft top. The sturdy bodywork, devoid of any visible imperfections, flaunts a two-tone grey paint scheme, exhibiting only minor signs of wear. Impeccably maintained chrome accents exude a gentle patina, while the glasswork and lenses remain in solid condition. Complemented by color-matched wheels wrapped in Bridgestone tyres, the car’s underside displays minimal wear following recent detailing. It’s Condition 3 Report from 1995 could have been written yesterday confirming the last owners dedication to what was clearly his pride and joy. The discreetly fitted tow bar was utilized to intermittently tow the advertising trailer of the previous owner, promoting his antique wood business.


Upholstered in sumptuous grey leather, the interior boasts US-style front bench seats accentuated by extended walnut trim. Original dashboard and period instruments retain their pristine condition, enhancing the well-preserved ambiance. With clean gauges and dials devoid of any reported faults, the off-white steering wheel adds a touch of elegance. Exuding a soft patina throughout, this car exudes character and uniqueness, standing apart from potentially over-restored counterparts. The boot area, with its solid floors, maintains a pristine state.

Engine & Transmission

Equipped with a forward-thinking 2.2L M127 6-cylinder engine and mated to a 4-speed column-shift (not for everyone) manual transmission, this Ponton exemplar delivers a driving experience ahead of its time. While the engine bay remains functional, it could benefit from restoration to match the condition 3 rest of the vehicle. Testament to its good maintenance, the car has been consistently registered and driven over the past two decades, a rarity among similar examples. Prospective owners may consider bringing the engine bay up to par with the rest of the vehicle, although preserving its original charm and character remains paramount.

Wheels, Tyres & Brakes

Sporting distinctive 13” wheels adorned with original chrome and grey painted hubcaps, this car rolls on nearly new Bridgestone 185/80 R13 whitewall tires, boasting ample tread life.

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