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Early production March 1964 MK1 MGB






12,144 kilometers

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History File

British Motor Industry Heritage Trust have confirmed that our MK1 MGB was produced on the 11th March 1964 with a bit of a red theme: tartan red exterior, red leather, red soft top and disc wheels. Many of these products have found their way back to Europe and this car is no exception, landing in Holland in the mid 2000’s where it would entertain the first of two Dutch owners between 2009 and 2013. The car is restored in the Netherlands and presented at the world renowned Essen Techno Classica Show in Germany in March 2013 by a prominent Dutch classic car dealer. The car is then snapped up by its single German owner who would cherish the car for almost ten years as part of a small collection. Used regularly and, more importantly, maintained by MG marque specialist A. Schlotmann, this early MK1 MGB example is an absolute cracker. We were thrilled at Cathedral Classics to view the car just before Christmas 2021 and subsequently buy it along with another car from the collection. Diverse maintenance invoices are in the cars file along with almost 10 years of TÜV Certificates confirming the regular use. Clearly a cherished car, any potential new owner will be delighted with this superb early example.


The car still retains its original factory Tartan red livery which is quite surprising as so many MGB’s tend to change colours and evolve over the years. This is older restoration from the early 2000’s but the colour is still strong an unmarked. What has gone, though, is the red soft-top which has been replaced by the standard black PVC covering, which is in like new condition. Lots of MK features are on show for those of you in the know: the distinctive pull handle door handles with little rubber buffers, along with the different style door locks situated directly under the chrome side trim and not 10mm below like the later models. The front indicators are also correct and are almost 2 inches (5cm) away from the grill with the later models being much closer. At the rear, the car is also correct with no reversing lights. Overall, the car presents very well with just a couple of tiny paint blemishes that would be hard to find without them being pointed out, but there is some chrome flaking at the rear left bumper, depicted in our Underneath section.


Again, lots of correct MK1 features here with a dominant, almost 17” (7-prong) steering wheel which, we believe, is the appropriate steering wheel for these cars, as opposed to many smaller versions available. It’s also covered with a removable leather cover. Black leather seats (no head restraints) are in lovely condition with the correct carpet backing coming up the rear of the squab. MG eyes will note the single line red trim on the doors matching the seat piping but, the top trim on both doors has been changed to a later version. Please also note the MK1 stepped design of the transmission tunnel. The dash facing has been replaced by the ubiquitous veneer accessory which, in this case and unlike so many others, fits beautifully and really suits the car. So many of them look really quite untidy but this is not the case here and compliments the interior well. All the Weather Equipment is new: the actual roof itself is PVC and very tight and will require the right temperature to ensure an easy fit; the 2-part pack-away hood frame is painted black. Both full and half tonneau covers are a comfortable fit and in particular the full version, which sits in place with ease and without stretching.

Engine & Transmission

Let’s start with a huge plus here and mention that is, first and foremost, a cracking driver. The rare three-bearing crankshaft original block has long since been replaced with a standard five-bearing unit but, none the less, this a is strong and reliable unit. Starting with little to zero choke and assisted by electronic ignition, it makes the distinctive B Tune and does exactly what it says on the tin. The gear shift is precise and accompanied by a sweet and accurate overdrive gearbox unit. The car has been fastidiously maintained by the single German owner who lived close to the well know MG Specialist Schlotmann.

Wheels, Tyres & Brakes

Chrome wires are covered by 155 SR14 Uniroyal Radial tyres. Sadly, the original and now seldom seen standard disc wheels have long since been replaced. A comprehensive overhaul was completed in August 2019 with everything still working.

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