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HISTORY FILEOur sublime Porsche 928 luxury GT car was first registered in Japan in 1983 before arriving in the UK 2016. Fastidiously maintained, despite minimal use, the service book contains no less than 10 service stamps from 1991 – 2010 confirming the integrity of this unique low mileage example. Upon arrival in the UK it is subjected to a major inspection (including a timing belt change) by the renowned specialist Porschtek in Leeds England. Astonished by the cars overall condition, they commented that the water pump – in perfect working order – was still as new as it left the factory. Now essentially ‘back home’ in Germany, it is likely to any Porsche aficionado.

EXTERIORThe iconic 928 – Wolfgang Möbius design – was built using mainly galvanized steel, but the doors, front bumpers and bonnet were aluminium in order to make the car more lightweight. The polyurethane elastic bumpers were integrated into the nose and tail and covered in body-coloured plastic; an unusual feature for the time that aided the car visually and reduced its drag. Our example is finished in evocative Platin metallic (code POR 655) and displays an impeccable even finish to this rare example. The car still has its original “Lackstift” touch up paint sealed in plastic.

INTERIORThe 928 qualifies as a 2+2, having two small seats in the rear but, the space is minimal and is really only suitable for small children. But both rear seats can be folded down to enlarge the luggage area dramatically. Unusually, the often discarded boot roll still remains. The 928 was also the first vehicle in which the instrument cluster moved along with the adjustable steering wheel in order to maintain maximum instrument visibility. Our brown and beige Berber Check cloth interior is in superb condition and commensurate with an almost ‘like new’ condition. The small but effective, standard equipment, electric sunroof works perfectly.

ENGINE & TRANSMISSION – The 928 car has the distinction of being Porsche’s only coupe powered by a front-mounted V8 engine, and the company’s first production V8 powered model. Our example has the early 4.5 litre, SOHC per bank 16 – valve V8 Powertrain producing 240ps to its rear wheels. Approximately 80% of all 928s’ produced were Mercedes-Benz derived automatic transmission; our early three speed example produces effortless gear change and is a joy to drive. Porsche utilized a transaxle in the 928 to help achieve 50/50 front/rear weight distribution, aiding the car’s balance to achieve superlative feel and performance. The 928 innovative “Weissach Axle” simple rear-wheel steering system provides passive rear-wheel steering and increases stability while braking during a turn. Typical German engineering…

WHEELS, TYRES & BRAKES Four original Porsche (5 hole) alloys remain as factory fitted and are graced with quality Bridgestone Potenza 215/60 R15 tyres. Don’t be discouraged by the small rear right and left alloy scuffs. Brakes are as they should be – superb. Incredibly, the car still has its complete tool set.


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