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Porsche 356 C 1600 SC Coupe

An honest Porsche 356 original European example






90,022 kilometers

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History File

Our 356 C 1600 SC (95ps) example with chassis number 216936 was originally registered in France as a genuine European example and not an ex US re-import car! It was purchased in 2000 by a fairly well known German collector, and would essentially become number 03 of what would develop into substantial collection of wonderful metal. Always registered and at his disposal, it has been regularly maintained by a team of experts. Now showing signs of age, it could be either simply driven and enjoyed as an authentic example, or restored and fulfil its true potential.


At some stage, this Schiefergrau (code 6401) original Porsche exterior, has received a coat of clear lacquer (varnish) to preserve it, but it is now showing signs of age and should really be repainted. The passenger outer door panel is indicating a few spots of rust below the surface that will undoubtedly require attention, along with various other small paint deterioration areas. Offered images also show that window rubbers should also now be replaced as they have dried out. Equally, as indicated above, it could also simply be still driven and enjoyed. It’s an honest car, but viewing is always recommended.


It’s an authentic red leather environment that is showing a nice level of patina and is clearly the cars original seating. A time related tear in the passenger side is evident and pictured below. The headlining is in superb condition as is the cars exterior body coloured grey dash. Both door cards are also the original panels and display a similar level of patina to the rest of the car.

Engine & Transmission

The car has been superbly maintained over the last 20+ years by a dedicated team of experts who have ensured that the car has not only been serviced, but also driven as it has served as a pool-car to the collection. The engine indicates a block number of 449.

Wheels, Tyres & Brakes

What appears to be the original Porsche chrome wheels and hubcaps are in lovely condition, and are covered with plenty of tread remaining, Toyo 330 sized 165/80R R15 87T rubber.

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