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Porsche 911S

The one to have – Porsche 911S 2.0 Coupe 160ps






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In 1966, Porsche flexed their muscles and introduced the more powerful 911S with the Type 901/02 engine with a power output of 160 PS (120 kW; 160 hp). Forged aluminum alloy wheels from Fuchsfelge, with a 5-spoke design, were offered for the first time and suddenly the world’s motor-press was awake. It’s been said that from the so called classis range: 911, 911E, 911L, 911S, 911T with this particular model as “the one to have” but, I guess that can be said of many of the Baden-Würtemberg Stuttgart models. But it is probably 911 in its purest form; its sleek lines and unfussy, almost easygoing looks have been turning heads the world over for decades and will continue to do so. This beautifully, original example was initially registered in Italy on the 25th of April 1968 where it had two previous owners. Exported to Austria in 2011, it was then in the safe hands of the world renowned Porsche expert, Herr Dr Georg Konradsheim. Some 18 months later, the car is sold to a famous German collector who has had the car ever since. German Historical registration was completed in 2013 and the car has been registered and regularly driven ever since. It is an incredible survivor and presents its original 41,981 kilometers in authentic style and panache. Chassis number 11800983 would grace any Porsche collection with pride.


The styling of these jewels was largely penned by Ferdinand “Butzi” Porsche, son of Ferdinand “Ferry” Porsche. The Kunstharzlack colour code 96024-L metallic silver paint is largely still the original factory coat; a couple of panels were refreshed by Herr Konradsheim whilst in Austria in 2011, with the overall finish still astonishing. Close inspection will confirm the cars authenticity with a couple of small areas of note: the petrol tank cover displays a small paint chip and the two front chrome slat grills are perhaps now showing their 50+ years with slight pitting. All the remaining chrome elements: door frames, headlight rings, drivers mirror are all in creditable condition. A keen Porsche 911 eye will notice the black windscreen wipers introduced in 1968 to replace the chrome units.


It really is a time capsule environment, commensurate with a low kilometer example that has been wonderfully cared for. Completely unmolested but now showing ever so slight patina, it’s an authentic cabin that will bring joy to any 911 enthusiast. The black pvc (Kunstleder) seats are in top condition with their chrome side elements to match, including the beautifully detailed Porsche chrome-badged seat belt clips. Matching dark grey carpets are perhaps now showing slight age, but they are clearly the bona fide item and that’s just us being over pedantic. An unused ash-tray and little wear on the pedals confirm we are presenting a legitimate, rare example. The rear passenger-side seat shows a small area of carpet tinge but not forgetting it is over 50 years old. The perforated cream headlining, still in original condition, is also now showing a couple of areas of slight fading, but nothing to get over worried about. All in all, it’s an astonishing legit interior that will be hard to repeat, on any level.

Engine & Transmission

With the introduction of the the more powerful 911S with the Type 901/02 engine and a power output of 160 PS (120 kW; 160 hp), the German Giant was clearly getting to grips with this wonderful new venture. Five years after the 911 launch, the new 2.0 Litre unit was leading the competitive field. Combined with its 5 speed dog-leg gearbox, over 50 years later, it still sits well today in modern traffic. Quite the accolade! Our engine number 4081200 has been beautifully maintained with regular servicing from its last German owner in 2014, 2017 and 2021 and despite only having travelled some 2000 kilometers. Once warm, it’s a combined engine /gearbox experience to behold but, should also never be underestimated. Once accustomed to the dog-leg shift it’s a sublime experience.

Wheels, Tyres & Brakes

The original forged aluminium alloys Fuschsfelgen, synonymous to the 911S model, are in authentic condition and, considering their 55 years of experience, look just great. Michelin 185/70 VR15 rubber has been applied back in 2006 and is possibly a consideration going forward, despite having almost like new tread. But they have just passed the stringent German TÜV requirements in February 2023.

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