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Maserati Sebring 4.0

Maserati Sebring (Second Series) 4.0 Litre* - Nr 3 of just 19 cars produced.






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History File

Our Michelotti (Vignale) designed Maserati Sebring 4.0 is a rare sight these days and one of only 19 of the final 4.0 Litre cars produced following its 3.5 and 3.7 Litre predecessors. This particular Second Series 4.0 example, was recently confirmed by Maserati as being number 3 of just 19 cars built between 1966 and 1968 before being replaced by the Ghibli model. Maserati have confirmed that Chassis number AM101/S10*537 was built on the 21st September 1966 and delivered to Chiasso in Switzerland. It’s also been confirmed that the original Swiss dealer ordered the car specifically with a 4.0 Litre engine which Maserati validated was prior to completion of the full 4.0 homologation, which is why the car was allocated an earlier Tipo number AM101/S10, as opposed to the later AM101/A10. In Switzerland, the car enjoyed two owners and was clearly restored in the early nineties when it was repainted the stunning solid red we see today. The car was bought in 2000 by a prominent German collector where it remains today. It’s clearly been a personal favourite as the car has been permanently registered throughout the period and used regularly. It’s also taken part in several European classic rallye’s over the last two decades: Ennstal Classic; Silvretta Classic Rallye Montafon twice; Jochpass Oldtimer Memorial Bad Hindelang, on three occasions. Now for sale and looking for an appropriate fourth custodian.


Giovanni Michelotti (at Vignale) has undoubtedly produced one of the most iconic “super car” designs of the 1960’s. Launched at the Salon International de l’Auto in 1962 and later shown at the Salone dell’automobile di Torino in 1963, it is most certainly one for the history books. But, despite its status, it is also one of the most practical and usable classic super cars of the period. This is an older restoration from the early 1990’s and yes, there are now some time-related nicks here and there but, nothing to deter any potential astute buyer with his or her eye on the prize. A couple of paint blemishes are now showing and can be pointed out on request, but they do not detract from the overall superb discrete red finish which was changed from its original Grigio Inglewood (metallic grey). All external bright-work – and there is quite a lot of it – is still in superb condition. It’s a simply stunning piece of design engineering which will turn heads, wherever you go.


The surprisingly roomy interior is dominated by the beautiful biscuit sports leather seats which are in magnificent condition. Doubly impressive, of course, is the original Nardi Torino wood and chrome three spoke steering wheel which is a joy to hold. Unfortunately, two of the seven original toggle covered switches have now been replaced, but can still be sourced. The original radio has also been replaced by a period Blaupunkt radio/cassette with period speakers behind the front seats. As with the exterior, there is plenty of bright-work which is all in lovely condition and very ‘in’ for the period. It’s a comfortable driving position which almost feels quite high, in some respects, possibly because of the amount of glass used, despite its sports car status.

Engine & Transmission

Engine configuration is a straight six, double overhead camshaft with 4014cc displacement, producing 265bhp at 5,200 rpm and a top speed of 250 km/h. Figures are offered by and their official Sebring website. *Maserati have confirmed that this matching numbers example, houses an early 4.0 Litre unit which is number 3 of the total 19 units produced and was allocated a pre-homologation tipo number AM101/S10*537* relating to the earlier smaller 3.7 engines. The engine was completely overhauled some 15 years ago by the current owner which included the Lucas fuel injection. Patience is required when starting the engine to find the correct choke mix but, when warm and ready, it drives superbly well with the most exquisite exhaust note. The original ZF S 5/20 speed gearbox changes as it should, with its typical long through movement. The car is offered with a comprehensive service by Marque Specialist – Autohaus Böhning in Bad Essen, Germany.

Wheels, Brakes & Tyres

Bearing in mind this is an older restoration, all four Borrani wheels and correct Convex (3 Ear) Spinners are in superb condition and are covered in quality Michelin 207/70 R15 tyres with plenty of tread. Braking power is significant and stops the car in a straight and direct manner. In typical Maserati fashion, the large break and clutch pedals are indicative of the marque showing great purpose and design quality. There is no spare wheel.

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