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Triumph TR6 PI

Triumph TR6 PI (Euro specification) – that needs a second chance.






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History File

Sometimes a car just needs a second chance – or even a third! Our advertised Triumph TR6 PI (petrol injection) was exported to Belgium as a CKD (Complete Knock Down) with the following, easily recognized – 1 CP26161LP – chassis number. Records indicate that the parts for the car (pre Belgian assembly) were shipped to the Malines Factory in 1968 and, according to the German records, an initial registration of 08.05.1970 was recorded. On initial viewing of the car, it was noticeably an older restoration before it embarked on its new restoration at the beginning of the Pandemic in 2020. Documented photographs show the car in a somewhat sorry state only to emerge at the end of the year looking certainly closer to like it should. However, before completion and for family reasons, the project would be handed to a new custodian who would bring the car even closer to – The End! But, once again and for reasons only the Pandemic will ever know, the project was halted again. This time, however, it’s almost 98% there with simply minor cosmetic interior work necessary to complete within the interior. Mechanically, the car has done very well with a full description of the comprehensive work carried out listed below. So, as mentioned, let’s give this Petrol Injection model that third chance it deserves and get it finished and make someone enjoy it again.


The car is finished in Old English White and was freshly painted (engine out) during the restoration of 2020. Closer inspection will reveal a small bubble area behind the driver’s side in front of the boot lid. The car is fitted with a relatively new mohair hood and also comes with a tight fitting white half tonneau cover. But, the bonus is the inclusion of a black – crinkle finish – light-weight fiberglass Hardtop (fittings are not supplied). A new front valance spoiler has also recently been fitted, but enthusiast will notice that the black paint, usually applied to the sills has not yet been finished – but, it is also a matter of choice! Other exterior restoration items fitted during the restoration are: rear light clusters, headlights and a new windscreen. Just as important, but not necessary visible, underneath the car has been extensively inspected, cleaned and freshly sealed with 4in1 protective lacquer.


Almost new pvc seats with integrated head restraints were fitted in 2020 along with a new dashboard and a Lecarra wooden/chrome steering wheel. The black carpeting is in all-round very good condition, but there is missing foot-well side carpeting on both sides which we alluded to in the cars history description. A dimmer switch is also missing in the centre of the dashboard but, all in all, not a great deal to do to complete what is in fact, a nice interior.

Engine & Transmission

Extensive work beneath the metal has taken place with an exchange 143 hp PI – Petrol Injection engine fitted to a new clutch, bearings and a completely revised and correct (non over-drive) gearbox. Further work extends to a full suspension overhaul including new (Bastuck certificate approved) shock absorbers. To round matters off a complete stainless steel exhaust system has been fitted along with a new fuel pump aptly photographed in the “below” section.

Wheels, Tyres & Brakes

An extensive brake overhaul including brake lines was completed in May 2021 and were applied to a new set of correct TR6 Steel wheels and new Radar Dimax 185/70 ZR15 tyres.

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