Strange times for all of us at the moment, so please allow me to start with my wholehearted gratitude and thanks to those front line workers fighting tirelessly to keep this dreadful virus at bay, both at home and abroad.

With most of the world in lockdown, incredibly, the classic car world appears not to have slowed down – at all. We have seen a dramatic increase in our overall website users and an even higher increase in visits to associated European platforms we advertise with. Direct enquiries too have also spiked with a much higher level of traffic than usual for this time of year. The collector car community would appear to be very much focused on moving forward, with classic car enthusiasts eagerly looking for their next car. Buyers are clearly spending more time browsing websites and, where possible, travelling further than normal to view cars! With subsequent sales in April – despite the current crisis – we are once again looking for new stock! Here’s a flavour of what’s coming soon to Cathedral Classics:

1975 Porsche 911 Targa
1994 Porsche 911 (993) Coupe
1994 Mercedes E 220 Cabriolet

More than ever, it is definitely a buyer’s market right now; and although I truly do feel for those businesses that have been dramatically affected, if you have been thinking of that dream car for the past few months, this could be an ideal time to act. So for those who are predicting doom and gloom, yes, times are indeed a-changing, but some positive thinking would not go a miss in these troubled times. For those doomsday people out there, you should try it sometime – it actually works!

My sincere thanks to those clients who took the time to contact me personally and ask how the crisis had affected Cathedral Classics; the sentiment is greatly appreciated. Equally, we’ve learned of clients, friends and colleagues who have been affected both commercially and, sadly, personally by the virus. My sympathy and condolences to all those concerned.

Finally, thank you to our new clients who have recently purchase. It was great to meet your acquaintance and I do hope you continue to enjoy the new toys. Remember – they need to be driven and not just placed in the collection. Do try and enjoy them (when you can) as they were intended.

To all of you, if I am able to assist with buying, selling or just for some friendly advice, just drop me a line or simply call.

Please be careful and stay healthy so we can get back into our cars soon and enjoy them once again.