Dear Classic Car Enthusiast,

I do hope that this issue finds everyone well; I’ll hazard a guess that you are keeping spirits up by looking through a few cars on the internet. Please do check out our new website design which was launched just a few days ago.

As I write, if the world were still turning, Europe’s biggest classic car show Techno Classica Essen would have been behind us, and it would have been interesting to see just how many visitors it would have had, and of course what cars were selling. On a personal note, I’m looking forward to the local shows coming back and in particular Lenkwerk in Bielefeld which has always been a great social event form us.

But the despite the restrictions, I continue to see growth in enquiries and in particular new clients who are looking to venture into the world of classic cars for the very first time. From a consultation perspective, it’s been interesting to remind these ‘new faces’ that they are not actually buying a new car. Despite the cars almost new appearance (on this occasion – it was a 50 year old fully restored car) at some stage, you will inevitably need to put your hands in your pockets. Also, they should be driven regularly, maintained, enjoyed and, should it rain (heaven forbid) remind them that the car will not melt in the rain, and it should be cleaned with love and classic car passion. I have to admit that with two very similar consultations, one of them understood me fully, but the other did not!! In mind boggling contrast, I recently opened our doors for a client on a public holiday where he spent no less than six hours going over a car and, ultimately bought it. I have to confess that the experience was a lesson in itself and a joy to meet a very thorough and genuine classic car enthusiast.

The classic car market will survive the current crisis; it has survived many a storm, and has proved itself over the years. Most definitely, it will have high and lows, but it somehow always manages to re-emerge, perhaps settling values where they should really be. Without question, cars up to and around values of €50k are moving well, but what is also very interesting is that some cheeky offers have come in on cars that are priced over €100k. Perhaps the market is telling us that these values should be lower and that it is trying to self-regulate. Keep those cheeky offers coming.

If I can assist with buying, selling, valuations or restoration advice, then please do let me know. I’d be delighted to help.

Stay safe everyone.

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