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Alfa Romeo 2000 GT Veloce

An exquisite Alfa Romeo 2000 GT Veloce - Tipo 105.21 with 1750 styling.






64,262 kilometers

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History File

The Alfa Romeo 105 (and 115) series coupés are a range of cars made by the illustrious Italian manufacturer from 1963 until 1977 with groundbreaking styling features for the era. All models feature the four cylinders, all-light-alloy Alfa Romeo Twin Cam engine in various cubic capacities from 1290 cc to 1962 cc, all with two valves per cylinder. All versions of this engine fitted to the 105 series coupés featured twin carburetors. Common to all models was also a 5-speed manual transmission and solid disc brakes on all four wheels. The 105 series coupés featured the GT (Gran Turismo) model description, which was common to all models in one form or another. This particular model (AR1 243 3434) was initially registered in the USA in September 1972 before arriving in Germany in 2007, specifically to be restored by its importer. The car was subsequently extensively restored by Alfa Romeo marque specialist, Peter Hagemeier at the Alfa Centre in Dortmund, Germany. It would eventually receive its current German registration in March 2009 and has been regularly used and maintained ever since by two prolific Alfa enthusiasts. Three comprehensive Valuation Reports from 2009, 2017 and 2021 confirm the level of restoration undertaken, culminating in the most recent with a Condition 2+ result. This one is certainly a ‘drivers’ example!


It’s been said that classic cars are allowed to evolve, therefore, keen Alfa eyes will notice this cars predecessor styling and a nod to the 1750 model. Restored by renowned German Alfa specialist Peter Hagemeier (Alfa Centre) in Dortmund, Germany, it displays a wonderful even metallic silver (Grigio) finish throughout. The body was completed disassembled and de-rusted and, where necessary, new sheet metal parts were used before preparing for painting. It’s a cracking finish and is quite rare in this colour. Front and rear light clusters are also from its predecessor continuing with 1750 styling which was a specific wish of the initial German owner.


This much modified interior is again a nod to the models predecessor 1750 model with large speedometer and tachometer instruments in twin binnacles closer to the driver’s line of sight. The black leather seats with adjustable head restraints are matched with a non-original leather dashboard; the black throughout interior has recently received extensive detailing and is now ready to be enjoyed. But the whole thing is dominated by a beautiful 14” Nardi Torino steering wheel.

Engine & Transmission

The 1750 GTV was replaced in 1971 with power now increased to 1948cc displacement producing 132ps (97 kW or 130 hp). Under the bonnet displays a very tidy engine bay which has recently received comprehensive detailing. During the restoration, both front and rear axles were completely overhauled; the engine, gearbox and differential were completely dismantled, overhauled and, where necessary, parts were replaced. The car also received a new wiring loom with new relays. In terms of driving, it has to be said that having now driven this particular car some 200 km’s it is a superb mover; it makes a wonderful noise with excellent acceleration and a sweet exhaust note. If you’ve never driven one of these cars, it really is an experience not to be missed.

Wheels, Tyres & Brakes

This particular car is now fitted with fairly new Toyo 185/70 R14 tyres over correct Campagnolo light alloy wheels, which suit the car well. The car received a complete brake overhaul during the restoration and still pulls up well and straight with its all-round ATE discs brakes.

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