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Austin Healey 3000 BT7 MK1

A labour of love Austin Healey 3000 BT7 MK1






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History File

This extraordinary Austin Healey 3000, model BT7 with rare aluminium body, is one for the Healey enthusiast. The restoration was carried out at the highest level with uncompromising investments made in the cars technology over a 35 year period by 5 ardent Healey owners. No effort and costs have been spared to bring this Concours condition example in line with suitability for everyday use and show winning potential. Owned by 5 German enthusiasts, the first decade, from 1987 to 1997, is nicely documented with detailed invoices to Herr Peter Seifert for invoices in excess of 50,000 Deutsche Marks, the equivalent of €25,000 in today’s currency. Then owned by Porsche Centre in Munich until June 2003, a further DM15, 000 is invested in maintaining the cars continued welfare, again, all nicely documented. Changing hands once more before receiving its current investment plan in 2012/13/14 to the tune of over €40,000 – it’s clear to see that this example has literally wanted for nothing. Many subtle modifications have been made in the choice of materials used, including an unleaded conversion, and with more than 800 new parts using materials with much longer-life qualities, the finished article is superb, but it has not affected the originality of the vehicle. It’s all neatly filed along with over 300 restoration images of which only a fraction are displayed below.


The exterior red paintwork was additionally treated and is characterised by a beautiful, blemish free, deep shiny lacquered finish and impresses with unusually good gap dimensions. The engine compartment and underbody have been completely metal brushed, primed twice, coated and painted in the exterior colour as well as a coating of clear varnish and then sealed with a special corrosion sealant. The pvc roof and frame are all in restored condition. The overall effect is astonishing and will impress any serious new custodian. With the exception of the passenger door handle, all bright-work has also either been completely overhauled or replaced.


The MK1 cars have an almost austere like interior that has its own appeal over the later models. With an uncluttered appearance, off-set gear-leaver and original size steering wheel, it’s a charming and classic environment. All four leather seats have been completely renewed and are contrasted with white piping; both front seat holding frames have also been restored and painted. An over critical eye will see a couple of scratches on the dash-top at the driver’s side and is pictured below. Interestingly, the heater has been completely overhauled and is listed in the file along with various pictures of the restoration. A full tonneau cover completes the interior package.

Engine & Transmission

The 6 cylinder 2.9 Litre 124ps engine and gearbox have been completely rebuilt and overhauled with the following just a fraction of the completed work: cylinder head, valve guides converted to unleaded, new pistons, piston rings, new bearings, crankshaft bearings, all gaskets renewed, new high performance oil pump, carburetor system completely overhauled, new electric fuel pump, new stainless steel hose, new water pump with a new tropical high-performance radiator and high performance cooling fan. Gearbox and overdrive have also been completely rebuilt and overhauled, a new clutch pressure plate, drive plate, release bearing and new clutch master-slave cylinder. The list is endless with the above clearly offering just a flavour of all the work carried out which is nicely documented.

Wheels, Tyres & Brakes

A complete brake overhaul has included: Kunifer brake lines and new brake pads and discs, brake calipers revised along with Niro stahl flex-brake line hoses, have all added to a no expense spared restoration. Whitewall tyres cover the gleaming chrome wires but, it must be pointed out that the rubber, although like new, may now have age related issues.

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