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Intermeccanica Italia Spyder

Intermeccanica Italia Spyder from the golden era of Italian Automobile production.






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Intermeccanica is indeed a notable name among sports car enthusiasts and collectors, known for its unique blend of Italian design and American drivetrains. The company was founded in 1959 by Frank Reisner, a chemical engineer, and his wife, Paula. Their passion for sports cars and racing led them to establish Intermeccanica in Torino, Italy. In 1967, after a series of changes in ownership and engineering, the Reisners shifted their attention to producing the stunning Italia Spyder. This marked a significant turning point for the company. The first Italia Spyders were exported to the United States in 1968, including chassis number 58178314 which is listed in the Andrew McCredie & Paula Reisner book, The Story of the Prancing Bull. The cars file reveals that in June 1988, ownership of this particular Intermeccanica Italia Spyder was transferred from Griffin Motor Co in Charlottesville, Virginia, to a Swiss individual named Herr W. von Schmieder, who was residing in Denton, Maryland, at the time. Subsequently, Herr Schmieder imported the car to his native Switzerland in January 2003. Tragically, Herr Schmieder passed away, and his collection of cars, including this Intermeccanica Italia Spyder, was put up for sale on behalf of his wife. The sale was handled by the renowned Swiss classic car dealer René Ruch who also restored the car to the condition we see today. In 2005, this Intermeccanica Italia Spyder found a new home with a prominent German collector who has owned the car ever since. It has been regularly used and has held a current German Historical registration since 2009. This history file provides a fascinating glimpse into the journey of this specific Intermeccanica Italia Spyder, from its production in the late 1960s to its current ownership, highlighting its international travels and ownership history.


The Intermeccanica Italia Spyder features a distinctive exterior design that can be traced back to its roots with contributions from notable automotive designers. The design foundation goes back to the Griffith 600 and was originally created by former General Motors (GM) designer Robert Cumberford. This design was later refined and revised by Franco Scaglione in Italy, adding an Italian touch to the aesthetics. The Spyder version of the Intermeccanica Italia was produced between 1968 and 1970, and it’s considered a rare find in the world of sports cars. While the exact production numbers may vary depending on your sources, it’s estimated that only around 200 Spyders were manufactured, adding to its uniqueness. This particular example is finished in a vibrant fire engine red, and is worth noting that the car was painted in Switzerland by the renowned René Ruch, who also restored the car upon its arrival from the US to the condition we see today. Originally green acrylic (verde muschio Salchi), it was changed at the request of the previous Swiss owner, just before he sadly passed away. Despite the years that have passed, it’s evident that the car’s finish has been well-preserved, maintaining an overall equal shine. The rear bumpers have also been modified to match the front. The design of the Intermeccanica Italia Spyder, with its distinctive side wing vents, pays homage to its Italian counterparts and the design influences of the era.


This Intermeccanica Italia Spyder appears to capture the essence of the 1960s, offering a snug and charming atmosphere. However, it’s worth noting that this car may not be the most comfortable option for those with long legs due to its compact interior dimensions. The whole interior was restored and changed by the renowned René Ruch in Switzerland at the request of the previous Swiss owner. An amendment to the driver’s door card, with the original door grip still available, is worth pointing out. The under-side of the roof and frame being in remarkable condition, along with the leather tonneau cover, suggests that efforts have been made to maintain the car and preserve its original character. The presence of the prancing bear Intermeccanica logo on the kilometer tachometer (believed to be changed in Switzerland) and rev counter reinforces the car’s Italian pedigree. The original wooden Momo steering wheel adds confirmation that we have a genuine surviving example. Overall, the interior of this Intermeccanica Italia Spyder appears to be a well-preserved and a charming representation of a 1960s sports car design.

Engine & Transmission

Under the front hinged bonnet, the Intermeccanica Italia Spyder houses a well-maintained engine setup featuring a Ford-supplied 302 (ci) M/T V8 engine. This 4.9 Litre power-plant is equipped with a single Edelbrock carburetor with 4898 cc entered in the current German registration document. The engine is paired with a 4-speed manual transmission, a combination that provides the car with an abundance of power and torque. In fact, the car’s performance is so impressive that it’s possible to smoothly pull away from a standing start and accelerate in third gear. It also features the (new for the period) IM front and rear suspension as specified in the The Story of the Prancing Bull book. Notably, this specific car has enjoyed impeccable maintenance for the past 20 years, courtesy of a team of experts dedicated to ensuring its optimal performance. This meticulous care is a testament to the car’s condition and speaks to the level of commitment from its current German collector owner in preserving its mechanical excellence.

Wheels, Tyres & Brakes

The cars still features its original, light-weight alloy Cromodora wheels and prancing bull centre hub caps confirming the cars originality. Adorned with 195/70 R14 tyres showing plenty of good tread, the car brakes and pulls up well and straight.

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