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Jaguar XK150

Jaguar XK150 DHC 3.4 Litre original Matching Numbers






95,100 miles

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This Jaguar XK150 DHC (Drop Head Coupe) LHD is a remarkable example with matching numbers, featuring a 3.4-liter engine. The vehicle’s production date of October 28, 1960, is clearly established through the accompanying Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust Certificate. Upon completion, the car commenced its journey from the Jaguar factory to Tokyo, Japan, where it was entrusted to the care of the official Japanese Distributor, Jidosha. From there, the vehicle’s ownership narrative took an intriguing turn as it was acquired by Dr. P.M. Lubin, a resident of Charleston, USA. Given the historical context and Dr. Lubin’s location, one might speculate that there could be a military connection tied to his acquisition. Continuing its fascinating journey, the car made its way to California under the ownership of Mr. William Newell. Notably, Mr. Newell held the prestigious position of Vice President of Flight Operations at Western Airlines in Los Angeles. This affiliation with the aviation industry adds an intriguing layer to the vehicle’s history, reflecting the remarkable paths that intertwine in the world of transportation. Around 1990, a new chapter began as James Wilson, renowned for his association with Wilson Racing based in Kentucky, USA took ownership of the car. Subsequent ownership transitions brought the car to the attention of Retro Classics Ltd in England. This acquisition was made with the intention of enhancing the French Holiday Home experience for their Managing Director. In 2005, our adventurous Jaguar found itself under the care of an English Gentleman living in Germany. With unwavering dedication, he meticulously upheld its maintenance and gracefully contributed nearly 20,000 miles to its journey. This served as a testament to the notion that these remarkable automobiles ought to be actively driven rather than confined to storage. To this day, the gentleman stands as the sole owner within the context of the present German historical registration.


The car’s original factory colour, simply referred to by Jaguar as “Cream,” exudes timeless sophistication. Over two decades ago, an application of paint was meticulously performed, pre-dating the car’s acquisition by its last owner in 2005. A recent Valuation Report, while acknowledging its Condition 3+ rating, attributes this primarily to the paint’s subdued luster, which masks the car’s true potential. In absence of this paint nuance, the car’s valuation could have reached even loftier heights, but with the indicated Condition 3+ valuation it’s an accurate description. The car’s chrome embellishments are a testament to its well-maintained allure, glistening with a level of quality that engages admirers. They are in abundance, offering a rewarding canvas for those drawn to their care and upkeep! However, the pièce de résistance lies in the form of the mohair hood, a masterful creation by Suffolk & Turley, artisans hailing from England. Encompassing the cars exterior and headlining, this meticulously crafted hood extends to include a rear Envelope Tonneau. Its impeccable craftsmanship speaks volumes, a testament to the meticulous attention lavished upon it, justified by the significant investment of £3200. While a fresh coat of paint could elevate its presentation, this car possesses a lasting durability that promises many more hassle-free years on the road.


The original ebony leather seats display a graceful hint of patina, preserving their remarkable condition. Roughly 12 years back, the initial dashboard, which is still available, yielded to a rich mahogany veneer that remains in place today. The door cards maintain their fine state, and a relatively recent, high-quality carpet gracefully blankets the interior. Contemporary, tastefully tinted sun-visors have been thoughtfully incorporated, harmonizing with the exceptionally superior headlining meticulously installed by Suffolk & Turley in England. The convertible top features a rear zipped window positioned above two discreet speakers. While the car comes wired for audio, a radio is currently absent. Regarding its electrical setup, the vehicle is also equipped with a tracking system that can either be dismantled or adopted by the future owner.

Engine & Transmission

In the latter part of 2005, the engine of our XK150 was entrusted to the expertise of Jaguar Engine Specialist, VSE, situated in Pows, Wales. Renowned for their mastery of all things Jaguar, they undertook a comprehensive engine and carburetor overhaul for engine number V 7605-8, which at that juncture had only covered a modest 75,000 miles. The meticulous invoice provides a detailed account of the extensive work performed, including the customer’s specific request for an engine with a lower torque specification, tailored for extended cruising endeavors. Moreover, the refurbishment encompassed the installation of fresh Polybush engine mountings, a new aluminum fuel tank, and a stainless steel exhaust system. Fast forward some two decades and an additional 20,000 miles, and this robust 3.4-liter (3442 cc) powerhouse, delivering 190 bhp (142 kW; 193 PS), retains its vigor, as evidenced by the most recent specialist service conducted in June 2022. This maintenance record is further substantiated by a plethora of invoices spanning the past two decades, attesting to the steadfast care and ownership of the last 20 years. The car also comes with a host of spares. The car starts first time, runs well and is powerful and is more than capable of long journeys.

Wheels, Tyres & Brakes

A set of Vredestein 185 HR16 93H Classic tyres complement the chrome wires which were purchased about a decade ago. These wheels remain in impeccable condition and have recently received meticulous cleaning. Enhancing the vehicle’s ongoing two-decade ownership and maintenance history, Coopercraft Brakes were skillfully integrated in 2014, accompanied by a new brake servo installation.

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