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Land Rover Series IIA

Land Rover Series IIA Long-wheelbase – 9 Seater






27,871 kilometers

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Originally, these vehicles were simply called the ‘Land Rover’—an off-road capable car model of the Rover Company. As ‘Land Rover’ became established as a brand, the ‘Series’ designation later became a retronym model name. This 1967 Series IIA Long-wheelbase version, with chassis number 26408325C, was initially sold to the Austrian Fire Service and remained in their service until its retirement in the late 1990s. It was then purchased by a German enthusiast who kept it for about ten years, still un-restored, before selling it to Finest Sports & Historic Cars in northern Germany. They undertook a long-term restoration project, recently completing a frame-off, nut and bolt restoration. This traditional Pastel Green example now shows a remarkably original 27,871 kilometers.


It is believed that the vehicle was originally green when delivered to the Austrian Fire Service. It was later painted red, but during the restoration process, traces of the original green paint were discovered beneath the existing paint. The car has undergone a complete frame-off restoration and now boasts a Land Rover’s traditional Pastel Green finish.


A standout feature of this low-kilometer example is its 9-seater configuration: a 2-3-4 setup from front to back. This includes two seats up front, three in the middle, and four at the rear. There is also a small auxiliary seat between the two main front seats that can be used with caution. All seats and door cards have been treated with light grey leather. The vehicle has four air vents built into the roof construction, manually operated from the middle and rear sections. As it was built before the 1968 legislation, the vehicle does not have seat belts.

Engine & Transmission

The original engine, having covered only 27,871 kilometers, has been meticulously overhauled by Finest Sports & Historic Cars in Lingen, northern Germany. Despite its low mileage, a thorough overhaul was performed, including the gearbox and axle.

Wheels & Tyres

The car currently sits on older 16” tires, but new ones will be fitted prior to delivery. There is a small scuff mark on the front right wheel.

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