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Maserati Mexico 4.2

Maserati Mexico 4.2 - A Tale of Dedication and Restoration Excellence






6,691* Kilometers

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The Maserati Mexico (Tipo AM112) is a luxurious 4-seater grand touring coupé that bears the heritage of Italian automotive craftsmanship. Manufactured by Maserati between 1966 and 1972, this automotive masterpiece shares its lineage with the revered AM107 Maserati Quattroporte. Powering this elegant ride are the robust 4.2-liter and 4.7-liter V8 engines. A mere 485 Maserati Mexicos were brought to life, with 175 graced by the formidable 4.7-liter engine and 305 later models featuring the 4.2-liter engine from 1969 onwards. Our spotlight falls upon a unique 4.2-litre example, chassis number AM112*854*, born in July 1970 for the discerning Italian market. This exceptional vehicle found its way to Germany in 1977. In 2014, it was a labour of love by a devoted German enthusiast that saved this Maserati Mexico from obscurity. It was part of an extraordinary collection of three Mexico’s, each in varying stages of restoration. Over the next four years, this automotive gem underwent an exhaustive, meticulously documented restoration process, adhering to the most exacting standards. It became a prominent figure in the global Maserati community and its various forums. An astonishing investment of close to €200,000 was poured into this project, ensuring that it stands out, especially in technical prowess. The restoration journey culminated in June 2018, and over the past five years, this masterpiece has been cherished and further enhanced, as needed, including a comprehensive inspection in July 2022. Cathedral Classics is now thrilled to present this exceptionally rare vehicle to the market. It’s a result of a painstaking, four-year, nut-and-bolt restoration, approaching perfection. While a few exterior refinements might be desired to bring it up to contemporary standards, the unwavering dedication invested in this project has yielded a stunning example that would be a prized addition to any collection, transcending borders and captivating enthusiasts worldwide.


Our 1970 Maserati Mexico boasts its original factory charm, resplendent in the timeless Argento Indianapolis (Italver code 2443030) colour. During the 4 year meticulous restoration in October 2016, this classic received a comprehensive respray, preserving its allure and delivering an enduringly captivating finish that still shines today. This hue harmonizes flawlessly with the car’s character, complementing its elegant design. The meticulous attention to detail extends to the extensive chrome elements adorning the vehicle, which have all been either meticulously restored or entirely replaced. One minor blemish worth noting is a corroded exterior chrome stud on the passenger-side rear window. Interestingly, this is a known quirk among similar models, with the replacement part being notoriously elusive. Despite this minor imperfection, the car’s exterior radiates a timeless appeal that speaks to its history and enduring beauty.


While the Maserati Mexico model retained its classic charm throughout its production years, the interior of this masterpiece remains a testament to timeless luxury and meticulous restoration. This 1970 example offers a spacious haven for four adults, swathed in sumptuous leather seating that exudes opulence. The interior is a symphony of classic elements, featuring electric windows, a wooden dashboard, iodine headlights, and air conditioning (though decommissioned in this car). Notably, the restoration of the seats was a labour of love, with a keen eye for preserving the authentic patina. Rather than opting for complete cover replacements, great care was taken to ensure that the seats maintained their original character. As the restoration journey neared its completion in 2018, an impressive investment of nearly €15,000 was dedicated to the black leather upholstery and carpeting by specialist FM Janzen in northern Germany. The luxurious headlining received a thorough cleaning, yielding stunning results and preserving an authentic atmosphere within the cabin. Continuing the commitment to excellence, further interior work in the boot area was carried out by the same company in 2021. The result is a stunning Maserati cockpit that embodies authenticity without excessive restoration, a true testament to the enduring allure of this classic car’s interior.


Engine & Transmission

The very first Maserati Mexico’s originally roared to life with a formidable 4.7-liter 90° V8 engine, fuelled by four twin-choke 38 DCNL5 Weber carburetors, delivering a robust 290 horsepower. This powerhouse propelled the Maserati to an impressive top speed ranging between 240–250 km/h (149–155 mph), a testament to its performance prowess. In 1969, defying Maserati’s tradition, an alternative 4.2-liter V8 engine option became available for the Mexico. In the case of our chassis number AM112*854*, the original engine was absent at the time of purchase (refer to restoration images). However, the restoration journey held an incredible surprise – a matching 4.2-liter engine with the engine number *468* was meticulously sourced in May 2015. Subsequently, a comprehensive two-year overhaul culminated in its insertion in 2017, with an investment exceeding €22,000. This ensured that this exceptional example roared to life with all the vigor and authenticity of its heyday. The restoration process was nothing short of exhaustive, with meticulous attention to detail that left no stone unturned. While the list of enhancements and improvements is extensive, suffice it to say that every facet of the engine and transmission was meticulously addressed, reaffirming its place as a paragon of automotive engineering. *The above mentioned 6691 km’s are since the restoration completion in 2018.

Wheels, Tyres & Brakes

Adorning our 4.2 Liter Maserati Mexico are the distinguished later Quattroporte polished steel disc wheels, complemented by the correct Maserati eblemed chrome hubcaps. These wheels provide both a touch of elegance and a connection to the car’s heritage. They are shod with the well-matched Vredestein Sprint Classic 205/70 VR 96W tires, ensuring an optimal blend of grip and comfort for any discerning driver. Sadly, some very light surface corrosion veins are now appearing following the restoration of the wheels in 2016. As part of the extensive restoration effort, every facet of the braking system has been meticulously addressed. All brake components, whether replacement or restoration, bear witness to this thorough process, with ample photographic evidence to attest to the dedication to perfection.


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