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Porsche 911 (964)

A charming Porsche 911 (964) Carrera 2 Targa






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The Porsche 964, known as the internal codename for the Porsche 911, was produced and sold from 1989 to 1994. Designed by Benjamin Dimson and finalised in January 1986, this model introduced significant design changes, including more integrated bumpers compared to its predecessors. Notably, it was the first Porsche 911 to offer the Tiptronic automatic transmission and all-wheel drive as optional features. Among the 62,172 Porsche 964 models produced, less than 6% were Targa models, with just 3,534 in the earlier Carrera 2 version, making it a relatively rare find. This particular Porsche 964 was originally delivered in Japan and rolled off the Baden-Württember, Stuttgart production line on July 16, 1991. It boasts a strong service history from the Far East, documented up to 42,000 kilometers. After a journey overseas, the car returned to its home turf and was re-imported to Germany in 2009 by a specialized importer. In 2010, it was sold again, attaining the coveted Porsche Approved Used Car status after passing a thorough 111-point inspection. In 2011, it garnered attention in Germany’s prestigious Auto Bild Klassik magazine, confirming its esteemed status among enthusiasts. By 2014, with the odometer reading 88,908 kilometers, this Porsche 964 underwent a comprehensive €11,746 inspection at the Porsche Centre in Soest, northern Germany, ensuring that it remained in excellent condition. As of today, the car shows 93,0919 kilometers and is once again available on the market, complete with a new Porsche specialist inspection and German historical registration, assuring its continued pristine status.


In the realm of Stuttgart’s automotive elegance, this particular gem serves as the ideal winter cabriolet. Equipped with a heated rear screen, the Targa top removed, and windows up, it creates a serene interior environment where noise levels remain pleasantly subdued. It’s important to note that the earlier Targa models were notorious for generating quite a racket, a detail that any devoted Porsche 911 enthusiast would readily acknowledge. This Targa model epitomises the era in which it was crafted, exemplified by its classic Grand Prix White exterior (Porsche P5 Grandprixweiss). While it does exhibit a couple of minor imperfections, including a small split in the rear spoiler and a scratch on the rear plexiglass, these nuances do not significantly detract from its overall condition. The resplendent white exterior, aptly showcased below, adds to its allure. Notably, the car’s stance appears lower than the norm, which is visually striking and accentuates its sporty character. This alteration is accompanied by the appropriate and officially approved German TÜV Rheinland paperwork, attesting to the presence of adjustable McPherson struts.


In Porsche’s lexicon, the interior of this car leans towards a more understated specification, but it holds some noteworthy features. Notably, both the driver and passenger enjoy the comfort of 8-way electrically (437/438) heated seats (139/340), an amenity not to be underestimated. The inclusion of electric windows, mirrors, and an onboard computer further enhances the overall experience. However, what truly steals the spotlight is the distinctive Magenta-coloured interior. It may not be to everyone’s taste, but it graces various elements of the cabin, including the carpets, dashboard, door cards, and leather seats. This bold Magenta theme adds an undeniable sense of style and charm to the interior. The driver’s seat has recently undergone colour treatment on the side panels and sensitive areas, now presenting itself in excellent condition. Furthermore, in addition to the open-air delight of the Targa top removed, this particular model benefits from a recent refresh of the factory-fitted (code 573) air conditioning, ensuring a pleasant and comfortable journey in any weather.

Engine & Transmission

Powering the Porsche 964 models is a newly introduced naturally aspirated air-cooled engine, known as the M64. This flat-6 powerhouse boasts a robust 3.6-litre displacement, and its performance is nothing short of exhilarating. With the 3.6 Ltr boxer engine under the hood, this car effortlessly reaches a top speed of 260 km/h. It can sprint from 0-100 km/h in less than 6 seconds, showcasing its impressive acceleration. This particular model, equipped with a 4-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission, delivers a formidable 250 PS (184 kW). Its service history is strong, with the most recent major inspection performed at 88,908 kilometers, at an investment of nearly €16,000. This meticulous attention to maintenance ensures that the car is presented to you in a thoroughly up-to-date condition. Additional peace of mind comes in the form of another specialist service, making this offering as current as it could possibly be.

Wheels, Tyres & Brakes

This distinguished vehicle showcases unmarked 5-spoke alloy wheels, and they’re perfectly complemented by high-quality Bridgestone tyres. Specifically, the front tyres measure 205/55 ZR16, while the rear tyres boast a 225/55 ZR16 size. For added security, the wheels are protected with locking wheel nuts, ensuring their integrity. A recent TÜV inspection, valid until March 2025, confirms the robust and reliable braking system.

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