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Porsche 911S (67 MYC)

World-Class Restored Porsche 911S Coupe from September 1966




1966 (MYC 1967)


377* kilometers

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History Report

In the summer of 1966, Porsche made a groundbreaking statement in motorsport with the introduction of the more powerful 911S. The ‘S’ model featured the Type 901/02 engine with an increased output of 160 PS (120 kW), stabilisers on the rear axle, ventilated disc brakes, and the debut of the characteristic 5-spoke design forged aluminum 4.5″ Fuchs wheels, which remain iconic to this day. For many, the first 911S cars hold a special place due to their timeless, elegant silhouette, slim door handles, green instruments, and the 4.5″ Fuchs wheels.

This meticulously restored model, utilising many New-Old-Stock (NOS) parts, was delivered in September 1966 (Porsche model year car 1967) with chassis number 305863S through the official Porsche dealer Autogerma in Bologna, Italy. While the exact history became somewhat obscure, in 2013, the car surfaced in Finland, where it was acquired and meticulously restored by a discerning enthusiast with extensive knowledge of early 911 models. Every aspect of the restoration involved the most qualified specialists in the early 911 world, regardless of geographical boundaries, resulting in this exceptional and elegant 911S.


The captivating design of this car reflects the creative vision of Ferdinand “Butzi” Porsche, the talented mind behind the aesthetic allure of the 911. Today, this 911 shines in its original color tone 97-6206-L Metallic Silver (a rare colour, as quoted in ‘Christophorus’ magazine, only 5% of all Porsches were produced in silver in 1966). The body was stripped of old paint layers, meticulously restored to its original state by the skilled hands of bodywork specialist Wessel Westervelt from Geesbrug, Netherlands. Upon closer inspection, numerous special details emerge: New Old Stock (NOS) taillights, slimmer door handles with carefully restored matching locks, an original driver’s door mirror, 911S design deco strips all around (front bumper NOS), original glass all around without inspection triangles, authentic fog lights with clear glass and gold vapour-coated reflectors, correct headlights without daytime running lights, (NOS) front side lights in Italian specification, beautifully patinated original Porsche emblem on the bonnet. After receiving all restored parts, the prestigious specialists Vehicle Experts in Hungary were entrusted with the final assembly.


The interior was meticulously restored by Autobahn Interiors, a renowned specialist in early 911s and a multiple-time Porsche Concours winner from California, USA. Stepping into the car feels like entering a time capsule emitting the unmistakable scent of a brand-new vehicle. Every detail reflects a deep understanding of 911 intricacies: the doors and headliner were flawlessly restored with period-correct materials, enhancing the genuine vintage atmosphere. Noteworthy interior features include distinctive green ‘S’ instruments characteristic from 1965 to 1967, a flawless NOS 42cm leather steering wheel with the correct ‘Batwing’ and beautiful leather horn button, original two-tone sun visors, and the correct interior mirror; all typical 911S interior features like chrome trim strips, interior door sills, elegant chrome door panel trims, and a dashboard preserving the classic charm of the era. Attention was paid to include a matching glove compartment key to the door locks. In the boot, further authentic details such as the correct battery cover and windscrean washer reservoir can be found. The original Webasto auxiliary heater was not reinstalled due to safety reasons.

Engine & Transmission

The development of the Type 901/02 engine in the 911S marked a significant advancement with an output of 160 PS (120 kW). This 2.0-liter powerhouse propelled the 911 to the forefront shortly after the model’s debut. Even half a century later, equipped with its 5-speed dog-leg gearbox, it effortlessly maneuvers through modern traffic, a testament to its enduring technical prowess.

The original factory-installed engine was not in the car upon its purchase in 2013 from Finland and was replaced by a correct Type 901/02 911S engine with a serial number close to the original. This engine underwent a complete overhaul by Porsche engine expert Matthias Höing in Schenefeld, Germany, ensuring standard-sized crankshaft and cylinders. Additionally, Weber IDA (S) carburetors were installed, correct for the first 501 cars of the new 911S before transitioning to Weber IDS. The refurbishment of the Weber IDA (S) carburetors, along with the correct early intake manifolds, was entrusted to the renowned specialist Paul Abbot in Oregon, USA (from the company ‘performance oriented’). Following the restoration, the engine and transmission have covered 377 kilometers* and are ready to be experienced and enjoyed on the road.

The restoration of the 5-speed 901/02 gearbox was carried out by Chris Flavell of Fenn Lane Motorsport in England, known for expertise and profound technical understanding, especially in early 911s.

Wheels & Tyres

The iconic original 4.5″ Fuchs wheels, a hallmark of the 1967 911S model, were meticulously restored to an astonishing condition by specialist Harvey Weidman from California. Fitted with high-quality Pirelli Cinturato CN36 165R15 tires, these Fuchs wheels contribute to the period-correct appearance of the car while offering excellent road grip and performance.

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