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Porsche 912 Targa

A very rare 1967 PORSCHE 912 Targa Softwindow






84,293* kilometers

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This Porsche 912 is a rare Softwindow Targa model. Designed as a direct successor to the Porsche 356, the 912 was introduced in 1965 as a more affordable alternative to the 911, featuring a slightly detuned engine. This particular early-built example, with chassis number 047, was originally delivered to Belgium in March 1967. Several years ago, it returned to Germany after being purchased in the United States. Thanks to its exceptionally well-preserved original condition, the car underwent an extensive restoration from 2017 to 2022, meticulously carried out by a dedicated Porsche enthusiast who waited for the right experts to be available to achieve his high standards. The Porsche factory data sheet (Kardex) confirms that this is a Matching Numbers example with the car now holding a current German Historical registration.


The paint was completed in early 2020 with some images below depicted in the Restoration section which took over 5 years to complete. Importantly, the car has always been in its factory colour of Polo Red (polorot 6602 B). Overall it’s a superb finish but we have now picked up on a few minor stone chips which can, of course, be fixed prior to delivery. But overall it’s a stunning little car. Both the Targa Top and rear Softwindow elements are in top restored and new condition.


The famous green dashboard instrumentation confirm the cars very earl 1967 status. *When the car arrived from the US the above indicated 84,293 was in miles, but it was consciously decided not to change the numbers but to simply change the Tachometer to European kilometers.* The other concession to originality has been the replacement of the factory pvc seat material (Kunstleder) with high quality black leather but, importantly, the style of seat covering has been retained. The period radio (not showing in the Kardex) was with the car when arriving in Germany. When the Softwindow element is in place it’s incredibly tight and adds a completely different dynamique to normal Targa driving.

Engine & Transmission

The 4-cylinder boxer engine, 1.595 ccm, 90 PS (factory specifications) number 753 711 has been completely overhauled by local specialist Peter Kister of Fm Albers in Lippstadt Germany and is beautifully depicted in the cars Picture Book history. The work was completed to lead-free specification. Clear images show how the suspension and factory 5 speed gearbox number 237107-902-1 have also been nicely restored.

Wheels, Tyres & Brakes

The factory specification 4.5” x 15” chrome wheels are date stamped appropriately with three of them from 07/1966 and one from 03/1963 and are now covered in 165/80 R15 Continental tyres. The complete brake overhaul is depicted in the cars Picture Book history.

Restoration Book

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