About Us

Cathedral Classics was formed to finally keep the frustrations at bay of a tortured Classic Car fan and enthusiast of some 40 years. Following a successful career in Germany selling tax free cars to Service Personnel, in particular, managing Audi UK’s Audi Military Sales programme, Stewart J. Roy felt the time was right to ‘make the move’ and fulfil a dream.

The son of a ‘car dealer’ (as they were once known) he felt that the passed down passion should be reciprocated. In 2004, for his father’s 60th birthday, he presented dad with a 1969 MGB GT which is still in the family today.

Being based in Germany and accessible for most central European countries, Stewart & Cathedral – Classics are contacted by many walks of life – from many countries. Stewart quickly learned the language and has never looked back since. He says: “It’s wonderful to meet and do business with people from varying cultures that all have this same passion. So, whether you are buying or selling – or just browsing please, feel free to contact us and enquire or, simply share the passion. We would be delighted to hear from you.”

All the vehicles offered by Cathedral-Classics are personally checked, fastidiously inspected and driven by us to ensure they meet the incredibly high standards that are becoming very hard to find. The cars are selected with the ultimate aim of providing the new owner with the best possible experience of that model, whatever it may be.

We pride ourselves in offering only the very best from these Legendary Marques. Prestige Vehicles deserve to be treated with all the integrity in the world – as do every one of our customers – guaranteeing, that the cars we have on offer are of the highest quality.

So, whether it’s a so called ‘Oldtimer’ or indeed a ‘Youngtimer’ we would be delighted to hear from you.

Welcome to Cathedral-Classics.